Flash chromatography system


Combi flash

Type: Combiflash Companion.

Technical data:
- Samples per run: 1
- Solvent delivery: Two maintenance-free, valveless metering pumps
- Programmable gradients: 2-solvent isocratic, linear and/or step gradient
- Flow rate: 5-100 ml/min
- Rated pressure: 50 psi
- Liquid sample loading: Injection valve to load column directly
- Solid sample loading: Solid load cartridge for low-solubility samples
- On-line UV detection: Photo diode array absorbance detector (200 - 360 nm)
- Fraction collection: Foxy fraction collector with 1440 tube capacity
- Optional tube sizes: Racks available for 12, 13, 16, 18, & 25 mm tubes and other containers

Uses: The Isco CombiFlash Companion is a flash chromatography system that features high-productivity automation (separation in less than 20 minutes), programmable gradients, and full-spectrum UV detection/peak separation associated with automatic fraction collection.
Companion uses all sizes columns (4g to 220 g, normal or reverse phase) without additional hardware.
Method parameters may be changed during the run. Companion provides real-time method control including click-and-drag gradients.

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