Gas Chromatography and mass spectrometer

Photos GC

PerkinElmer Clarus 500
PerkinElmer Clarus 580


Type :MS Perkin Elmer Clarus MS560, GC PerkinElmer Clarus 500 et Clarus 580.

GC's Technical Data :
- Flamme Ionization Detection and mass spectrometer
- "Swafer" for dual simultaneous detection
- Split/Splitless Injection and Headspace sampler
- Autosampler
- Data treatment is computer assisted with TurboMass software for GC/MS and TotalChrom software for GC
- Capillary Column :BPX5, chirale FS-Cyclodex beta I/P et BPX-Volatiles

MS's Technical Data :
- Electronic Impact
- scan 1-1200
- SCAN and SIM Mode

Uses :Chromatography is an analytical technique which allows the
separation of the components of a mixture in the gas or liquid phase. Gas chromatography is used for gaseous samples or those which be vaporized without decomposition.
The mass spectrometer allows the determination of molecular masses. It is possible to correlate the spectrum of a compound with
its structure and to identify some of the chemical bonds.

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