Support service for research

The service consists of 6 engineers (5 CNRS and 1 University). In addition to training in the use of equipment, service intervenes in support of research teams. Each engineer brings its expertise in different scientific fields:


Synthesis and fine chemicals

- Elaboration, optimisation of experimental conditions
- Synthesis of polymers
- Synthesis of reactive species
- Synthesis of intermediates

kinetics and mechanistic study

- Reactivity studies of  highly reactive intermediates
- Mechanistic studies of complex reactions (multi-steps) using different spectroscopic techniques (NMR, UV-Visible, REACT IR…)
- Choice of the suited kinetic tools for the investigation of the reaction mechanism (conventional or stopped flow UV-Visible spectrophotometry and laser flash photolysis)


- Experiments under pressure
- Synthesis of precursors and catalytic tests


Expertise in φ-chimicals

- Size exclusion chromatography. RI, UV, MALS, Viscosimetric detectors
- GC/MS and « head space »
- Transmission Electronic Microscopy


Image processing

- TEM pictures: nanoparticles size distribution,   measurement d-spacing in the Fourier space
- Covers of scientific journals

Axe de zone CuO


Personnel :

Julien BabinotSaloua Chelli-LakhdarMathieu DanelIsabelle FavierRomaric LenkChristian PradelOlivier Thillaye du Boullay