Administrative and Logistics Service

The Administrative and Logistics Service supports the research teams of the laboratory. It is comprised of three people: two administrative agents and one technical/logistical staff member. The collective duties of this service are essential to the functioning of the laboratory and cover a wide range of activities:


Administration, general affairs

Support to the director of the laboratory
Interaction with supervising agencies: CNRS, Paul Sabatier University (UPS)
Administrative formalities of employees
Management of various badges (building access, catering)
Management of email addresses
Archiving works
Updating the scientific production of the laboratory
Design and update of the administrative section of the intranet site of the laboratory
Stationery management


Financial and accounting management

Management of CNRS and UPS credits
Management of all purchases and invoices
Dialogue of management with team leaders (forecast of expenses, equipment, and recruitments
)Budget tracking and financial justification of research contracts
Monitoring and analysis of expensesManaging credit transfers
Assistance for the purchasing procedures adapted to the CNRS, UPS
Management of inventoriable equipment
Management of rental contracts


Management of travel by employees and by invited staff

Establishment of travel orders
Management of reservations: transportation, accommodation
Management of conference registrations
Cost control


Human resources

Management the files of permanent and non permanent staff members (career, health, part time, etc. )
Recruitment formalities of non-permanent staff
Management of vacations, savings account time



Supply and distribution to users: chemicals, laboratory consumables, solvents, gases, liquid nitrogen, etc.
Purchasing procedures between suppliers 


Health and Safety

Management of solvent purification
Waste management (solid, liquid)


Miguel CoqkFlorence Di CLEMENTE


Olivier Volpato