Laser Flash Photolysis Spectrophotometer

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Flash Photolysis LP980K
Flash Photolysis LP980K


Type :Flash Photolysis LP980K.

Technical Data :
- Q-SMART 450 10Hz 2W3W4W, Laser Nd:YAG Q-switch compact, 450 mJ at 1064 nm, 10 Hz
- Harmonics generators :
 1064 nm : 450 mJ (Osc)
 532 nm : 220 mJ (Osc + 2W)
 355 nm : 130 mJ (Osc + 2W + 3W)
 266 nm : 60 mJ (Osc + 2W + 4W)
- Xenon pobe source (150 W ozone free), xenon arc lamp
- Oscilloscope (200 MHz)
- Monochromator TMS302 (focal length 325mm, constant aperture of F/4.1)

Uses :The Laser Flash Photolysis technique provides the direct observation of the excited state absorption characteristics to be studied as a function of time (transient absorption) and wavelength for a sample that has been optically stimulated by pulsed laser. In order to generate a sufficiently high concentration of excited state species, a powerful excitation source in required, as a laser Q-Switched Nd :YAG. It can also provide radiative and non-radiative singlet and triplet lifetimes .

Contact :

Saloua Chelli-Lakhdar