Bandeau LBPB

Marie-Curie Action

Marie-Curie Action

H2020-Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship, 2019-2021
E. MARELLI, Cooperative Au catalysis with chemically non-innocent ligands (Au-MLC)

H2020-Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship, 2018-2020
J. RODRIGUEZ, (P,C) and (O,O) well-defined gold(III) complexes for the development of new gold(III) catalytic processes (Gold3Cat)

Marie-Curie Action, Inter-European Fellowship FP7-PEOPLE-2009
N. Nebra, New pincer-type complexes derived from 2-indenylidene ligands

Marie-Curie Program, European International Fellowship 2005/2006
M. Bebbington, Self-hidden Bifunctional Catalysts for Organic Synthesis